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Årsrapport 2023

About us

Key figures

1289 employees (764 net man-months)

2413 24-hour admissions (elective)

9596 urgent care admissions

4053 day treatments (elective + urgent care)

6079 surgeries in total

47 417 outpatient consultations

2 059 445 laboratory services and analyzes

1250 MNOK in turnover

Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus AS is one of three large non-profit hospitals in Norway (the other two are Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus and Diakonhjemmet Sykehus). Today we are a local hospital in internal medicine for 145,000 residents in Bergen and Nordhordland county, as well as Gulen and Samnanger. 

We also have a large surgical clinic that has excelled in several areas, including shoulder, knee and colon surgeries. The hospital offers specialized health services in internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, anesthesiology, radiology and monitoring with associated outpatient activity.

The hospital is an important part of the public health offering through an agreement with Helse Vest RHF and has a good cooperation with Helse Bergen within our business areas.


The hospital is operated based on Christian values, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, as well as teaching and mentoring of future health professionals, research and development within the hospital’s areas of responsibility.


"We aim to contribute to better health and coping for our patients and their relatives."

Value-based hospital

Our vision is that patients, relatives, collaborators, staff and students are empowered through our Christian attitudes. We continuously review our work in relation to our values, ethics and attitudes. We are accessible, dynamic and innovative. 

The hospital’s values are:
• Competency
• Respect
• Engagement
• Kindness


Research is an integral and defining part of the hospital’s clinical operations. Haraldsplass diakonale sykehus aims to ensure that research should:

  • lead to an evolving professional environment and new knowledge for the benefit
  • of patients in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and palliative care
  • be performed in accordance with legal and ethical quality requirements
  • be implemented in our routines and used in patient care at the hospital
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